Custom Blends



We manufacture dry blends out of our plant in the Midwest with the ability to manufacture extra grade or Grade A blends if needed. We specialize in matching or creating any dairy or protein powder blend from scratch to improve functionality while maximizing cost efficiency.

Our production staff is extremely accommodating and adaptable. We have the ability to fulfill orders from a few hundred pounds to full truck loads and any quantity in between.

Product Development



If you are working on a project that may include dairy powders, protein powders, bakery blends, ice cream base etc. Let us help you develop your product. We have been instrumental in targeting desired flavor and texture profiles for a range of customers.

Private Label Manufacturing


Our private label manufacturing is handled with unconditional discretion. We ensure that all private label customers, ingredients and formulations are kept undisclosed to anyone not instrumental in the production or formulation of your product.

We allow you the option to supply your own materials to our facility, or as a convenience we will source the ingredients for you.